Design to Innovate & Design Thinking





Abstract of his speech:

How to improve business by using design methods

Design and development of new products should not be based on gut-feelings, guesswork or faith – but on facts.

Søren Frahm, Founder and CEO of Artlinco, presents experience from more than 330 development projects, which has given a clear picture of the strategies and tools it takes to navigate safely through a development process. Amongst these tools are the concept ‘design thinking’ and not least a structured approach to innovation. Roughly it means developing from insight and the right foundation. 

He will tell more about how companies in Denmark use design thinking as a strategic tool in the process of developing products and services. 

About Artlinco 

Artlinco’s service is counselling and execution of development- and innovation projects. They carry out ideas and help with development and launching of products and services. Artlinco works as an external full-service development department and as supplier of sub-projects and individual services.

Artlinco have a broad spectrum of competencies within project management, analysis, design, construction, prototyping, packaging, graphic design, service and costumer experience, business development as well as a strong network of business partners.